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The staff of DeerLake Designs, honoring veterans,
would like to thank all of our troops for their dedication and sacrifices.

Above all else, soldiers want to come home. Yes -- they fight for their country and die for their friends, but they live to come home. Most are afraid that they will lose their girlfriends or wives - that everything will have changed by the time they make it back.

Send a little love tribute and encouragement to a soldier or veteran today.

Comments From Our Veterans

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Never Forget by the Epps Brothers

Comments To Our Heroes


In modern times, or days of old— lives sacrificed in scores untold,

As men of rank stood in the rear, bullets deflected far and near.

Wars fought on land, sea, and air, young men’s lives were not spared,

But were the many wars they fought for country, honor, or for naught?

What is the truth of any war? Which of the Gods is keeping score?

Where are the souls of men who die, “Advance to front,” their battle cry?

Are flags they fly worth death to them— their noble pride an evil sin?

When will this world know right from wrong, and sing the tune of freedom’s song?

When will the lessons of the past secure all nations peace at last?

When will there be a worthy end where people live as friend to friend?

Where wisdom, hope, and love abound with cannon stilled on haloed ground?

Where every child lives safe and free? The choice is left to you and me.

Tamara Hillman


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