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4th of July Title
A new era in history was dawning
on that beautiful summer day.
The Declaration of Independence
was signed, paving the way

Independence is Happiness

To unite the thirteen colonies
into thirteen United States.
Creating a bright new nation
and unlocking freedom’s gates.

But long before this moment
still bound by British rule,
the Colonists bore such treatment
which was often harsh and cruel.

They longed for independenceFlag flying for the 4th of July
they knew to be their right.
To reach this goal they realized
that they would soon have to fight.

By signing a Declaration
they knew what lay in store.
To pursue this desire for freedom
it would surely come to war.

With faith in Heavenly Father
guided by courageous men,
they fought to free their people
and bring British rule to an end.

The war was long and bitter,
many good men lost their lives.
At Valley Forge, Lexington and Concord,
and places since hid from our eyes.

Boston Tea Party

It was clear that all these people
would never go down in defeat.
At last when victory was certain
the British were forced to retreat.

When recalling this time in history
as we honor the 4th of July,
we must never forget these good people,
what they did and the reasons why.

Happy 4th of July

The Fourth of July by Gerald R. Hill

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