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     On 9/11 - I was at work and heard on the TV. that a plane had hit the towers. In my mind and in my heart I knew we were under attack.  I decided to go home, if I was to die, I wanted it to be in the arms of the one I love, my wife Suzie. On the way home I turned on the radio and tuned in to 102.5. They were talking about the towers. I got home and Suzie was doing dishes, I told her were under attack. She asked " how do you know"?  I heard it and saw the plane hit the 2nd tower when I was at work. We turned on the TV and watched CNN a little.

 A few days had gone by when I heard they were collecting money to help New York out. I was thinking, how could we help? We have no money and I can't get there to physically help out, what can we do to help?

  We had been talking, and wishing that we could find a way to help. As we were talking, I was pacing, and I must have passed this old oats can about a hundred times . Just then I heard the DJ on the radio say, that even pennies can help out at a time like this. And it hit me. We had been saving our change so that one day we could go away for a weekend.  I turned to Suzie, working up the nerve to ask her if we could give our dream vacation savings away. She must have seen it was very important to me, she looked me in the eye and said, "Honey if that is what you want to do, I don't have any trouble with it".

   In just a few minutes we had gathered up our Oat can (filled with our savings ) and were in the car. Going to give the our pennies away, to help those that we did not know. On the way we were talking and crying and laughing and we had never been this close in all our years together.

The DJ took our money, smiled and said thank you.

  On our way home we talked about starting our savings all over again. That is what we are going to do. At least, that is what we thought we were going to do.

    That next weekend we were out cleaning up a corner lot that we own. People in the neighborhood had been using it for the local dump. It was a big mess that needed to be cleaned.

 Finished with the cleanup we looked back onto a lot which contained nothing more than a (40 ft. long and about 5ft. wide) porch (made of concrete). Thoughts lingering in our minds of how in the world are we going to keep it clean. What would keep the neighborhood from using it as a dump again.

   The next day, Suzie came to me and said that she wanted to paint it to Honor the Victims of Sept 11th 2001. She wanted to show our support for our country, and maybe in some way help others also to deal with these tragic events. We will never forget what happened to our country on Sept.11th, 2001.

  She spent the next few days painting it, just getting it finished before winter was about to set in. I thought that would be the end of it.

      All thru winter we kept talking and thinking about our lot and what else we could do. We decided this was not enough, everyone of these folks deserved more. Our ideas grew and grew.

We decided to put the names and ages of each person, and where they were living at the time of the tragedy, onto signs. The next decision would be how to position the signs. It was decided that they should create the shape of a cross. We felt that all of the names should be positioned in one spot. Every name from the attack on 9/11 would be added to our memorial. We knew that the names were posted at other memorial spots designated for each separately,( Pennsylvania, New York, and the Pentagon.) But as far as we know, this is the only one that truly holds them all. We felt that by doing this, somehow, we would be letting people everywhere know that folks who never knew them, really cared about them and will never let them be forgotten.

    Suzie has written every name across her heart and on this corner. The love that this woman has put into this just breaks my heart. With the hope that someday what she has done will help ease the pain of the loved ones that were left behind. There are days when we wonder if it is all worth it.  If we are doing the right thing. Then there are the days when someone will stop on the corner, and tells us how much they appreciate the job that we are doing. Just hearing the words of, "Thank You," or "You have helped ease my pain, it is nice to meet some one who really cares from their heart". That is what makes it all worth while.

    You can find Suzie's Memorial Corner located on North St and McClellan St. In Flint Michigan by the old Buick factory.

Take I-75 to 69  here in Flint take 475 to the Davison and Hamilton exit head towards the west and go three red lights not blinking ones then go north you can't miss us.

Memorial Corner opened to the public on May 30th 2003. The site is free, all that is asked, is for all of you to take a min and think of our brothers and sisters that were lost on that sad and heart wrenching day of Sept 11th 2001.

 May we always remember how we felt that day.




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