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I would like to introduce all of you to John.
John was 18 yrs old when he enlisted into the Marines. As one of the many atomice veterans of America, here is John's story.

After going through a shortened boot camp, and an advance training crash course of three weeks. My group went to the island of Siapan in the South Pacific, and joined up with the Pictorial Arrowhead, Second Marine Division.

On September 23 1945,
We arrived and anchored in the Nagasaki Harbor. Some of my unit was headquartered in the Nagasaki Medical College buildings. These were near the hypo-center of the Atomic Bomb Site. Other were scattered out in nearby buildings, including some that were damaged by the explosion of the A-Bomb. One of these buildings was the Mitsubishi Aircraft Factory.

Soon after going through the Mitsubishi factory, my group traveled into what was known as the Valley of Death. Appropriately named, for it was profoundly clear that no living species escaped this sea of destruction.
This entire area from the bottom of the valley to the peaks of mountains that surrounded it was unbelievably disintegrated and scorched.

Veterans Flag

Honor To The Atomic
Veterans of America

Americans remember
each man who freely served,
honor them on Veteran’s Day,
make sure their day’s observed.

For no one knows the aftermath
of brave men sent to war,
the pain of losing arms and legs,
or buddies sent before.

World war vets still suffer,
though many years have passed,
from radiation in Japan,
who knew effects would last ?

They walked the bombed-out craters
and tread the barren land,
observing A-Bomb targets
where America took a stand.

We must remember them too,
the price that they have paid,
the health of unborn children,
and sacrifices made.

Wounds aren’t always showing
on the surface of brave men,
some are left in nightmares,
or just beneath the skin.

Some have turned their backs
on two hundred thousand, more,
who fought battles with the enemy
to keep them from our shore.

How could this wealthy nation
forget these mighty men,
for even in their suffering,
they’d do it all again.

Let’s at least pay homage
to those who linger still,
the men of sixty years ago
who fought with iron will…

And for the ones who’ve passed on,
to paradise, I’m sure,
God, grant them precious peace and love,
and finally a cure.

Honor To The Atomic Veterans of America - Copyright Tamara Hillman
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