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David K. Steele


Hello America,

Happy Memorial Day. Here comes them feeling again. I wish my fellow veterans a wonderful day, from an forgotten Viet Nam Vet. No one cares about this failure of a Vet. I am just now able to face the fact that I was a Viet Nam vet and that the honor I won during the 1968 Tet Offensive meant something after all. I am a failure as an vet, I am a no body, I just hope that someday in the future after I am gone, someone will remember this forgotten vet, who has fallen thru the cracks. For a long time I hated myself and the fact that what I did wasn't important, I had the silver star taken from me and given a lesser metal just to appease the brass. My family laughed at it, and my friends called me a cold blooded killer. For many years I tried to hide whenever these holidays came up. I hear about all of the heroes, and what they did, and I look at what I did and cry. I was a failure in war as in everything I have done in life. All I did was to save an bunch of trucks and tanks, save a drunken sergeant who got my metal, and I was sent home as a fool. For many years while on active duty, I was mocked and call a coward. I am a poor excuse for a warrior. The Army was right in not giving me anything. Anyway, I wish all the real warriors a happy memorial day. I am sick of my life and I hope this old warrior's life will one day be over.

An Old Broken Down Warrior
David K. Steele WhirlWind




A note from the editor of this site - Every vet I know is getting second rate health care. I don't understand why veterans don't get our very finest medical help. In my book there is only two things most important in life, they are health and happiness. I wish I had the power to at least fix their medical.

The Editor - Steven Rapelje

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