Saints and Heroes
Folding the US Flag

Dear Soldier, Airman, Sailor, and Marine

Though you be in a distant land
Far from home and friends,
You're thought of every second
With prayers that never ends.

We thank God for your dedication
In answering freedom's call,
For your courage unswerving
To bring peace for one and all.

We ask the heavenly Father
To touch you with His grace,
To meet your every need
In that distant desert place.

We ask Him to comfort you
Bring peace within your heart,
To renew you in the Spirit,
His presence never to depart.

So be ever assured in truth
You're never totally alone,
The Savior walks beside you
And hears us here at home.

The battle is the Lord's,
Your armor is in Him,
You shall be victorious
A favored soldier among men.

All our love....

Our Candles Burn For You !!!

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