Saints and Heroes
Folding the US Flag

To America, From God


America, this crew you chose, is the finest in the land,
And if you'll pause a moment, I will share with you my plan.
The message I delivered to the crew was very clear,
"This flight goes straight to Heaven, fear not, for I am near."

"My children I am with you, this trip is one I've planned,
Yes....this trip is something special, it's one that God will man.
Heaven's Great Space Center needs some special help up there.
The Master has now summoned and is asking us to share."

They quickly volunteered for this mission in the sky,
Not a one was unprepared, not a one afraid to try.
"You'll go swiftly to the Master, and that trail of smoke they'll see,
Is the 'changing of the pilots,' for you're traveling on with me."

"You must leave this famous shuttle that you're sitting in, behind,
For the one I built that's waiting, is pure gold and silver lined,
As you search the fields of Texas in hopes to find them there,
Rest assured they're here beside Me and I have them in My care."

"You have trained them well, America, I've observed your every test,
I stood silently and waited, until you had the best.
I needed them, America, for Heaven's Great Space Plan
Encompasses the entire globe, The Universe of Man."

"I know them well, America, these loved ones you have lost,
I selected them some time ago, forgetting not the cost.
America, my heart is grieved, by your sorrow, tears and pain, and
Though it's little comfort, your loss is Heaven's gain."

©  Fran R. Maiers
Music  "Remembering You"  By,  JoAnne Storm

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To leave behind Earth and air and gravity is an ancient dream of humanity. For these seven, it was a dream fulfilled. Each of these astronauts had the daring and discipline required of their calling. Each of them knew that great endeavors are inseparable from great risks. And each of them accepted those risks willingly, even joyfully, in the cause of discovery.


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