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When you meet the saints in heaven
When you speak to Timothy
You will know the truth in scripture
When dear Matthew’s face you see.

You will know of James and Peter
On the Sea of Galilee
When they gather round to tell you
How sweet Jesus set them free.

You will hear from John the Baptist
How he firmly took a stand
To spread the truth and gospel
As he preached throughout the land.

You will hear the voice of Noah
How he calmly left his mark
When all of earth was flooded
And he built a floating ark.

You will quietly talk with Moses
What a story he will tell
How he led them out of bondage
For a promised land, to dwell.

When you seek the face of Jesus
When your life on earth is through
All the prophets in the Bible
Will be waiting there for you.

© 2004 Marilyn Ferguson
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