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You may see me in the grocery store or at the cleaners, getting gas or mowing the lawn. I may be at work typing or sweeping, nursing or doctoring, waiting on customers or constructing a building. But you can tell it’s me, I will be the one standing tall and proud.

You see while other children were going to work, college or loafing around; goofing off or just being  kids; playing tennis or football; my child joined the world’s finest military.

My child has been serving this country all over the world. Keeping peace, making peace and making me proud.

And now when our country, our way of life, our very democracy is threatened; my child is ready and eager to answer the call to conquer this evil plague that has been set upon us and the rest of the world.

Recently many parents have suffered the greatest loss any parent can face, and my heart shares their loss.

I am also filled with the deepest fear for the health and future of my child. Yet the desire to serve is what has charted my child’s life, and molded the personal strength that simply amazes and humbles me.

And that is why I am proud. That is why our country is the greatest. I could be any mother or father anywhere. But you can tell it’s me, I will be the one standing tall and proud.

© Marion Hinton




The Return Of The Abraham Lincoln To Everett Washington - 05-06-03
Photos by Greg Goff




They soar in jets above the land,
They sail beyond the seas.
They march across the desert,
They crawl between the trees.
No matter what the role they play
Each chooses to protect
The lives of all Americans.
For this we owe a debt.

Today, and every single day
'Til each returns safe and sound,
Please say a little prayer with me
For the troops: air, sea, and ground.
God Please...
Grant them courage,
When times seem bleak.
Grant them strength,
When they feel weak.
Grant them comfort,
When they feel all alone,
And most of all, God,
Please bring them all home.


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