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 I am just a Mother, a Grandmother, a Christian, a Woman, I am not a Veteran, but I am the Mother of a Veteran and the wife of a Veteran, my daughter and husband both served in the U.S. Air Force my husband served from 1966-1971 and my daughter from 1993-2001. Am I proud of both, Yes I Am.
As I watched the terror that struck our country on 9/11 2001, I cried for all the wonderful people who were either in the buildings or those who were searching and lost their lives, and for those who were on the 4 plane's. My heart went to each and even though I did not there names I did pray for all of them and for there family's and even today 1 year later I am still praying for all of them and there family's. I also Pray for our Country, She is remarkable, she stands for Freedom, she stands Tall, she is Great, and she is Grateful, Her colors are Red, White and Blue, she is a sight to behold any where, would I want to live anywhere else, No Sir I would not. I believe in my country, even though she has been through some very rough times and through several Wars, She is still Home to me and Mine. would I fight for Her Yes I would, would my daughter and Husband fight for her, the answer is I believe they would, for she has given us all her very best, can we do no less for her.

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