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by Kami Flowers

  I would just like to say Thank You to both Mr. Brownfield and Mr. Quinn for the service that they put forth to our country...

I am sorry that it took so long for Mr. Quinn to get any help that he needed when he did need it. But am very proud and honored to hear that your daugher is with the Air Force and serving the country as well.

My son Corey is only 11 years old and is in Columbia River Young Marines, he is a LCpl., he wants to go into the Marines when he gets out of high school.

When the attacks on the WTC happened my son's were watching tv with me that morning, and all we could do was cry, and Corey looked up and me and said "mom, I will protect you, I am a Marine!!" I looked down and him and gave him a big hug and kiss and said thank you and then sent him off to school.

I was worried sick about him all day long. I just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY WHEN YOU DID, AND FOR NOT LETTING US DOWN!!!!!

My son will be a Marine and will protect the USA, soon too.

Kami Flowers...

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