Saints and Heroes
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Veterans Day

Today I was reminded
of what time could not erase.
As I walked through the halls
I felt a sadness in this place.
A building filled with history
our books will never see.
Their stories are the pages
locked inside their memory.
It's one of many you will find
that's scattered everywhere.
These people come here
hoping to receive the proper care.
I saw a few in wheelchairs
and so many used a cane.
Some walked just fine 
but in their eyes was where I saw the pain.
These Heroes have been marked for life
all here surrounding me.
They've shed their blood while others died
to keep this country free.
I still remember stories
of a war my dad went through.
Each one was told with Army Pride
he called it "World War II"
And later "The Korean War"
forced troops to say good-bye,
Because Korea's North and South
could not see eye to eye.
Then "Viet Nam" decided
to raise up its ugly head.
Like all the wars,
the damage left so many people dead.
When troops came home
they had to face another kind of war.
A "War of Words" that added wounds
as if they needed more.

The latest war was televised
for all the world to see.
Called "Operation Desert Storm"
performed so perfectly.
This war had ended quickly
but our troops cannot forget.
They're constantly reminded
that the "Storm's" not over yet.
These wars do not discriminate
religion, sex, or race.
The bombs, grenades and poison gas
take lives we can't replace.
And weapons don't have boundaries
they claim what's in their way.
What will it take to stop these wars
right here, right now, today?
Our troops are thought so highly of
when they are called to war.
But when it's over
they are not remembered anymore.
And what about the ones still lost
are they forgotten too?
Is anyone still searching
for the ones who fought for you?
These men and women suffer more
than you will ever know.
When war is over they still fight
a war that doesn't show.
Each one deserves the very best
for what they have been through.
Your proof is V. A. Hospitals
I'm sure there's one near you.
We all want Peace and Harmony
but something's always wrong.
These buildings might become extinct
if we could get along.
My husband fought the last two wars
which stole the heart he had.
He wears that look of war abuse
just like my precious dad.
I don't have all the answers
but I know one thing for sure.
The anger has to leave
before a healing can occur.
America is free
because of Veterans today.
And more of them still yet to come
will also have to pay.
So when you exercise your rights
remember why you can.
You see, I can't forget
I am
"The Veteran"

Freda H. Babinski

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