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Lurking in the darkness,

in the shadows of my mind,

come thoughts of distant places,

souls of a different kind.

They wish to do our nation harm,

they kill our brave young troops,

while professing their religion

in loud and angry groups.

Its not our destination

to rule them or their land,

just free them from dictators

who will kill them if they can.

I don’t understand religions

who cut off people’s heads

to show they’re in defiance

of freedom offered them instead.

Some Americans do sympathize

saying terrorists are right,

but car bombs and ruthless murdering

keep me awake at night.

They need to read their history books,

and remember why we’re free,

because our soldiers fought for it,

and prayed on bended knee.

If we lose Christianity

and kindness in our hearts,

they’ll be no use for freedom—

this great nation set apart.

We’ll be a third-world country

with only crumbs to eat,

not own the ground beneath us,

or in bed find peaceful sleep.

So fight on, brave Americans,

we’ll honor you at home.

We know you love your fellow man

no matter where you roam.

You know this cause is worthy.

You know our country’s strong.

You know we stand for justice.

You know that isn’t wrong.

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Don’t worry ‘bout the politics,

or marching in our streets

protesting what you’ll die for—

letting foolish people bleat.

We’ll conquer Iraq’s enemies

who cause havoc from within,

and children there will prosper

thru’ our sacrifice of men.

I plan to have a peaceful rest

when this war comes to end—

sleep those soft and dreamless nights

when two nations are then friends.

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View of Iraq written by Tamara Hillman copyright 2005.


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